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This is a far too overlong update on my website, for which I apologise to all those of you who have written to ask what has happened to my life over the past few years. Well, as it so happens, quite a lot. For me, the saddest news is that my long term personal and business partner and co-founder of 'SAFFRON PRODUCTIONS', David Spenser, died in July 2013. But I want to thank you all for the hundreds and hundreds of messages I received, which, together with all the things that were written about him, touched me deeply. David was greatly loved by his friends and fans, and I don’t have to tell you how much I shall miss him.

In the years before he died, David made a valiant attempt to write his autobiography. Sadly he only completed two thirds of it. However, he did ask me to promise that I would finish the book for him, which meant that the final third of his story would be a biography. That book is now awaiting publication, and you can read about it in ‘Coming Soon’ below.

In May 2013 a tribute celebration for David was held at BAFTA in London. Organised and produced by myself, with the help of our dear friends Duncan Kenworthy, Vice President of BAFTA, and my literary agent Diana Tyler, over a hundred friends, including many well-known personalities, attended the event. It was not a Memorial Service, but a programme devoted to David’s career, radio, film and television clips of his work, readings from his two thirds unfinished autobiography, and live piano music from one of his favourite popular composers. It was, for many, quite a revealing evening, but most of all, what David would have wanted more than anything else, lots of laughs!

2015 promises to be an interesting year. Apart from the two new books mentioned in the ‘Coming Soon’ section, in October I shall be paying a visit to the United States to meet some of the Doctor Who fans at the ‘Time Eddy’ convention In Wichita, Kansas.

Since my last update, the BBC released an audio version of my 'FURY FROM THE DEEP'. I have to say that the reading, by Patrick Troughton’s son, David, is the best I have ever heard of the story, only confirming what I have always known, and that is that David is one of the best actors around. If you haven’t yet added it to your collection, then I urge you to do so! You may also like to know that I am in the process of selling off some of the items from my vast archives which I have built up over the years, and also auctioning for charity certain other items, including some original scripts and manuscripts of my work. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, just let me know by contacting my website. And don’t forget, apart from this brief update, the website features remain the same, and so if you need to ask any questions or write to me on any issue, please feel free to contact me.

Oh, and before I forget, contrary to the rumours of my demise doing the rounds over the last year or so, do let me reassure that I am still here, and hopefully, intend to be so for quite a time yet!

Victor Pemberton

Coming Soon

'JUST DAVID' Actor, writer, director, poet. From “Just William” to Romeo.

A powerful, revealing autobiography and part biography of a physically and mentally abused young Sri Lankan boy who once ran barefoot around a jungle rubber estate and grew up to play one of the most iconic British schoolboys in English literature, some of the great Shakespearean leading classical roles, and eventually to direct great actors in major plays and to win the coveted International Emmy Award in New York for an outstanding Arts Documentary. 'JUST DAVID' will surprise, shock, and hopefully delight readers by the resilience and talent of his extraordinary life and career.

'THE JUGGLER' My first non-London saga for some years.

Set in current day New York, Paris, and the Himalayas, this a novel about a young twenty-something Jewish American boy whose lack of experience and apparent failure in life changes dramatically when he meets Anil, an astonishing young Buddhist boy from the Himalayas who juggles plain wooden clubs in a back alley in Midtown Manhattan. It is a meeting that leads him into a world of danger, intrigue, and a philosophy that is not only alien to him but a challenge. The questions come fast and furious, but the answers when they come bring him perilously close to death.

'THE JUGGLER' has a broad sweep, and a climax in the Himalayas that is, in turns, illuminating, tragic, and spiritual, proving how an ordinary pair of wooden juggler’s clubs might well be as human as human life itself.

Watch this space for news of both publications.


The juggler


. . .and when you have a moment do take a look at the reviews for my first novel, 'OUR FAMILY' on both www.amazon.co.uk and also www.amazon.com.

There is one from a reviewer in New York that is so touching. I have been accused of writing all the reviews myself. Not true!

‘TIME EDDY’ Doctor Who Convention, Wichita, Kansas:

This will be taking place from 2 – 4 October 2015, and I am looking forward to meeting not only all you U.S. Who fans, but also my friends and colleagues from those early days of the show at the old BBC Lime Grove Studios when you had to duck before the wobbling sets came tumbling down on top of you! Also, needless to say, I will be answering your questions not only about my tenure as Script Editor on the first series of 'THE TOMB OF THE CYMBERMAN', but also about my six-part Who serial 'FURY FROM THE DEEP', and in particular that controversial sonic screwdriver which I first introduced into my scripts way back in 1968.

As I live in Spain and rarely attend Doctor Who conventions these days, if any of you fans would like to meet up for a chat during the 3 day event, please let the organisers know:


See you there everyone!

And finally: Thanks to all you Who fans who made me so welcome when I attended the Fantom Films UTOPIA convention at Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire in May 2014, and also the Tenth Planet convention at the Copthorne Hotel in Windsor, also in May 2014.